Step In by Marisa Signora

Step In…

        Step into yourself 

                Step into your choices 

                        Step into your life

                                Step into your quiet voices…

Gentle, firm, humble, awake

collecting building blocks for a life I want to create

obstacles which I used to sabotage

wither away, dormant, less ego, less charge.

In built within systems we can’t even see

the silent invisible shadow is slowly separating from me

recharge areas of energy being depleted

dismantle the life lessons that don’t need repeating

and the conversations I need to be having

are coming into light, an opening ascending…

© Marisa Signora (2019)

Biography of the Poet

I was born in Milan and largely lived in the UK. I moved to Catalonia, Spain, over four years ago for an off grid alternative, close to the land lifestyle, on an almond finca. I have been writing poetry in English since I could speak at the age of eight and am currently in the process of finishing my first novel. I have always loved writing and have recently started to create watercolour art which I often use with my poetry. 

Analysis of poem: Step In

The poem is essentially about taking the courage to step into my life and showing up as best as I can in awareness and love. I use metaphors and rhyme to portray what I am trying to express. 

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The first four lines could be self-contained as a poem in their own right and introduce the upbeat energy also found at the end of the poem. It is reflective and addresses the thoughts I had towards the choices I have and make in life, and how I can be my own worst enemy. 

It also touches on our society and its systems and how destructive they can appear to be to me. I have often felt like I don’t really fit into the mainstream life and this poem highlights how I want to separate myself from this as much as possible, to make space for finding out who I am and what kind of life I really want.

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