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We all have a story to tell, but how many ever get the privilege to be heard?”AGE

The good news for all poetophiles and graphophiles is that anyone can publish write-ups for free on Profage. 

Our Column category is open to all with something to share with the world in mind. Through us, you have the platform to reach a number of readers with your piece (article or poetry) conforming to our publication guidelines. 

To stand a chance to get published on Profage, send your work to us as a plaintext or accessible docx file hereEnsure that submission includes your full name, your pen name, and a short bio.

Submission Guidelines

How to publish a column on Profage

All submissions made to us must conform with our publication criteria, as rejection may be a consequence of failing to observe this. 

 Avoid Bawdry Content

Our site has a vision to help young people cultivate good reading habits, therefore we must watch our content carefully and see to it that they are safe for readers of all ages. 

Make sure such words as s£x, r@pe, n√de, etc. are implicitly used, using other words like ‘had fun/quality time with’. Do not spell conventionally those words that cannot be replaced. Some words can be replaced with close symbols. 

Similarly, submissions should avoid the use of explicit language. Our choice of words has a way of piercing the heart of readers. In this light, we must do away with offensive words to create and maintain a peaceful atmosphere. 

[We know how this is distinct from satire/sarcasm, and you can be sure that our editors will do their part well on every submission]

Talk About Your Poem

This doesn’t directly apply to other forms of writing. While we are trying to promote various kinds of writers, we are also being cautious of the quality of the works we put up here. 

Consequent upon this, poets are urged to send a not-less-than 200 words analysis of their poems alongside the original work. This analysis may be written by them themselves or by any reader of the given work. 

The important thing here is that an “Analysis” of their work is done; containing the message.

For writers of prose works like articles, a minimum of 300 words of unique work will be considered for publication. Any plagiarised or less than 300-word content will not be taken. 

Make Something Unique 

The point that you’re not a writer in the first instance if you cannot make a unique work of art cannot be overemphasised. 

And as such, any plagiarised content we receive will be rejected without a second review. 

Why Publish A Column On Prof AGE?  

By making a submission and getting published on Profage, you will improve your chances of getting read by a wider audience. 

Not only is this the case, but getting your work up there on Google is another nice end of the deal. This way, anyone can search for and find your piece on the world’s largest search engine. 

Further, as an unestablished writer, getting published on Profage will stand to help improve your portfolio. 

Another good news here and a sorta big deal is that all active columnists on Profage can write to us to get their biographies published as writers verified by our platform. 

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