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Hey, dear esteemed reader, I am AGE and I must say, it feels good to have you stop by. What should you know about Profage.com? 

Aderemi Gbolahan Emmanuel

Profage is an English Literature Blog. Long after some fruitless attempts to have a major Literature site, I started Profage in September 2022. The site is not my first blog, but it is the only surviving site of mine as it stands. 

I have a dream. It is to get the world enlightened as much as I can. And if Literature remains the mirror of life, I think an outstanding English Literature blog can help achieve this vision. 

I don’t know so much but I’m in for learning continually and sharing as much as I know with the world. Knowledge may be a curse, but the lack thereof? I think causes destruction. 

Truly, the mind is our greatest asset, it is like a remote that controls our actions and inactions in life. If we don’t know enough to keep this asset nourished, then I’m convinced we cannot really live much less lead life. By the way, readers have been said to be leaders. 

Educating people, being a priority, is only a part of my vision. I stated roughly some years back that, “In the future, students may no longer want to read books regardless of their forms, they will sit to be told”. Not long afterwards, those words started coming true real quick. It may have been the case before my statement but it did get on the rise over this period. The idolization of AI being one part of it—though not a topic I wish to discuss here. I found that a worthwhile human culture is already dying; and it is our reading culture. 

Among others, I also wish to use the Profage brand in helping people, especially our younger ones, cultivate a good reading culture. Because I think it will go a long way, I recently included the “Book Review” category on the site. And if the platform is privileged, more inviting categories to help make the world a better place are sure to come, subsequently. 

Should you see eye to eye with me on this and would like to contribute to the site in any way, do not hesitate to go to our Contact Us page and reach out. Let us Make Impact

You should know, AGE is my pen name, and it is the short for Aderemi Gbolahan Emmanuel.

I’m not the only voice behind this platform, kindly meet other members of Our Team.

What is Our Vision? 

Prof AGE distinguishes itself from a host of similar platforms with a vision after the mind of every reader. 

With the knowledge that we need you just as much as you need us, our platform has been designed to above other things, simplify the seemingly hard to understand concepts in the fields of literature and philosophy, majorly. 

This is achieved by taking a lot of time to research thoroughly any given topic and use the most relatable of words in explaining those concepts to you. We include as many examples as possible in every work we put up. 

Our vision is evident in the fact that it is measurable; as the impact of our write-ups could be evaluated in comparison to similar websites out there. 

Our audience can rest assured that this vision is already getting the very best of our might

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