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It doesn’t feel too good to spend so much time writing and end up not being read. No, it’s something you do not want to experience, nor do we wish for you. So we have a deal for you and here is it.

Our poetry, articles, and short stories publication services are free. But, hey, we’ve got to charge some money for book promotion, and here is a breakdown of our charges and plans. 

One Year $25 plan & $50 Lifetime Plan

This is our most affordable plan. If you’re to send us your book promotion post (encompassing a review of the work), we charge $25 yearly and $50 for a lifetime promotion plan. 

One Year $50 plan & $100 lifetime plan

For books whose reviews we will have to write, we charge $50 yearly. On the other hand, a lifetime plan of the same currently costs $100. 

Aside from duration, there are some other benefits in allowing us to write a review for your work. 

One is that your chances of getting discovered by an unimaginable number of Google users will increase— as we use our expertise in targeting the best keywords for your work. 

HINT: To maximize this promotion, we suggest you send your book alongside a link to its sales point. 

Why you should promote your book with us 

With our over five thousand social media followers and tons of website visitors, you not only enjoy publicity on the largest search engines (among others), but you also ultimately get to boost your online presence and increase the sales of your book. 

Note that prices may increase or decrease in coming years, but this will have no impact on checked, validated, or running orders. So you have nothing to worry about; just you might notice a change here.

Email [email protected] if you’d like to opt for any of these plans. Know that before publication, we will request information about your work.  

We can’t wait to have you enjoy a space on our platform.

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