Song of Freedom by Crispulo Bacud Tappa

There’s a tale of butterflies trapped in their plight,

In cocoons so tight, longing for the liberating light,

Yearning to break free, from their destined state,

To escape the shadows of death before it’s too late.

We’re like butterflies too, trapped in a mold,

In a world so cold, where lies are told,

But deep within us, a spirit so bright,

Yearning to break free and take flight.


Fly, fly, oh beautiful butterfly,

Spread your wings and touch the sky,

Break the chains that hold you down,

Embrace your freedom, wear your crown.


So let’s break free from the chains that bind,

Unlock the beauty within our mind,

Embrace the light, let our colors shine,

Fly free, oh butterfly, it’s your time.


Fly, fly, oh beautiful butterfly,

Spread your wings and touch the sky,

Break the chains that hold you down,

Embrace your freedom, wear your crown.


Fly free, oh dear, in the sunlight’s glow,

Let your essence bloom and let it show,

For in freedom’s song, we truly find,

The beauty and peace that sets our souls aligned.

Analysis of the Poem “Song of Freedom

The new form of poetic expression called “poetic song” is aptly demonstrated in the poem “Song of Freedom.” This piece presents a powerful and uplifting message through its vivid imagery and rhythmic structure. The poem centers around the metaphor of butterflies as symbols of liberation and transformation, drawing parallels between their struggle for freedom and the human experience of breaking free from societal constraints.

The poem opens with a strong and engaging verse, setting the stage for the theme of liberation and yearning for freedom. The imagery of butterflies trapped in cocoons serves as a compelling symbol for the constraints we face in our own lives, highlighting the universal desire for liberation and self-realization. The use of vivid language, such as “longing for the liberating light” and “embrace your freedom, wear your crown,” evokes a sense of hope and empowerment.

The chorus serves as a powerful refrain, emphasizing the message of breaking free and embracing one’s true self. The repetition of the lines “Fly, fly, oh beautiful butterfly” creates a sense of urgency and momentum, driving home the central theme of liberation and transformation. The chorus serves as a unifying element throughout the poem, reinforcing the message of freedom and empowerment.

The bridge section introduces a call to action, urging readers to break free from societal norms and embrace their true essence. The imagery of unlocking the beauty within our minds and letting our colors shine is particularly evocative, encouraging readers to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. This section provides a powerful climax to the poem, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and authenticity.

In the outro, the poem concludes on a note of peace and serenity, celebrating the beauty of freedom and self-expression. The image of butterflies soaring in the sunlight symbolizes the joy and liberation that comes from embracing one’s true self. The final lines resonate with a sense of inner peace and alignment, leaving readers with a message of hope and inspiration.

Overall, “Song of Freedom” is a beautifully crafted poem that effectively conveys its message of liberation and self-realization. The use of vivid imagery, rhythmic language, and powerful refrains creates a sense of momentum and emotional resonance. Through its exploration of the human desire for freedom and transformation, the poem invites readers to reflect on their own journeys towards self-discovery and empowerment. In the realm of poetic song, this piece stands out as a powerful and compelling work that inspires and uplifts.

About the Poet 

Having learned to use the Android phone at the latter part of his life has helped him in reigniting his interest for writing, a talent he has forgotten to use for many years since he graduated from college in 1979. 

He got back into creative writing, prose and poetry, for a selfish reason though. He realized that the brain slowly degenerates as one gets older,  and the fear of losing one’s memory because  of senility, and mental diseases like Alzheimer’s   and Dementia, can be nerve-wracking.  And what is  a better way to prevent it from happening, or at least slow-down its onset or prevent an athropy of the mind is  by exercising the brain cells. 

In 2017, he began posting on Facebook his pieces, with an Ode To The Sunset as his maiden poem,  which started  his journey into poetry as a word whisperer. He discovered  many poetry platforms that have helped him hone his skill through prompts  and exercises that introduced  him into  this wonderful art of poetry. Encouraged, furthermore, by fellow poets with their sincere comments, and awarded with certificates in some friendly competitions being promoted  by poetry platforms, he realized that poetry is the right field to develop his writing  skills. 

A gaggle of poet-friends and  followers have inspired him to compile his compendium of writings, in prose and poetry, that he has dreamt of publishing.

And call it convergence or serendipity, he received an invitation to submit his work for publishing with some publishers.

This is dedicated  to the masters of poetry, founders, admins, and moderators  of poetry platforms  who have inspired  many aspiring  poets to hone  their  skills  in the art  of poetry. Poetry has afforded many poets an opportunity to find fulfillment and  joy  in expressing their feelings and sharing  their  thoughts about any subject that affects  humanity.

In his case, he found solace in writing poetry cruising  into his sunset years. His poetry is his form of self-care, and has given him an opportunity to share his thoughts and whatever wisdom life has taught him for the past many years based on his observations, and learnings from various personal experiences.

“Cast our thoughts like stones in the middle of the pond for the ripples that they can create. The small stones may travel far but the ripples they create are not as wide as the heavy stones. Let our thoughts therefore, be pregnant in their meanings so that when we cast them into the pond, the ripples that they create will reach the very shore we are standing on and touch our feet.” 

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