Growing Words by Gavin Prinsloo

I step out into the light, but leave open my mind’s door as hinges grind,

I venture out under blue skies; I need to clear my mind

I put out my hand with an upward palm, and let the sunlight ignite the need,

Upon the palm a kernel of thought, like a tiny growing seed

My eyes fixate on the words I need, to germinate a possibility,

With hope from within that it will root, seeking the well springs of infinity

A tickle on my palm as roots develop, as words grow within my mind,

Tiny branches reach out to the light, for all the sustenance they can find

Too heavy to hold I put it to ground, the words still upon my lips,

Each leaf forming as the day grows brighter, a dew drop on each silvery tip

I stand back as it surges growth, the words it craves gushing from my tongue,

Branches reach as far as the eye can see, this tree no longer young

Exhausted I step back through the fading door, to darkness my mind returns,

Thoughts are silent within my tired mind, for the cold vaulted silence it yearns

I have done what was needed, I have given what the heart desires,

Now I have no more to give, until the next words become raging fires

© Gavin Prinsloo (The Soul Whisperer)

The Poet’s Analysis Of His Work

In the words of Gavin Prinsloo: The core context of the poem is the reference of the organic growth of the creative spirit, applying extended metaphors and similes, as well as a rhyme structure.

Stepping out of one’s mental confinement to allow the creation to grow organically from an idea to fruition is the main theme; the subsequent withdrawal again of the creative into his or her intraspective mental space, awaiting the next creative surge, allows the reader to experience the creator’s mental withdrawal into contemplation and eventual further creation.

I trust that this clarifies as a synopsis on the context and content of this piece.

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About The Poet

The writer of the poem “Growing Words”, Gavin Prinsloo also known as The Soul Whisperer is a Cape Town, South African author of a number of works; some published and others kept unpublished. 

He is the author of the current three Pieces of My Mind volumes and a hardcover book Souls Desire available on Amazon. 

In 2023, he noticed the presence of the online Literature and Philosophy website, Prof AGE, where he first published his poem, Growing Words.  

Growing Words

There are only two “Growing Words” poems, Gavin’s and others. Furnished with fine poetic techniques like imagery, the poem helps to have a deep reflection on one’s personal growth. It is a good read for people of all walks of life.

— Prof AGE

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