Mental Love by AGE

We have spent tons

Of cool days together.  

Under the sun, and moon. 

We started as friends 

When we were very much younger 

And never thought today 

is gonna be like this. 

We have been together for

Days and nights. 

Even though it’s more of coincidences

That’s the dirty part. 

Like; can’t we schedule it sometimes 

To spend time together? 

We only meet during programs  

I can write better by watching your dimples for inspiration 

You have got me! 

I love every bit of you. 

And sensed you feel the same way about me

Whenever we are opportune to sit together

We become mute! Lol

The last time we did sit together, 

She thought I was focused on watching front

Haha! Men trick 

My half-eye was on her 

She spends more time looking at my face

At a point in time, 

Our eyes met, and boom… Something happened

You can almost touch love in between us. 

Dimple girl smiles at me 

And all I saw was her lips! 

I can draw it offhand 

Let’s have this time together again.

I want to keep seeing that lips 

That eyes 

That dimple

If they have eyes, I’m sure your enemies will also be crushing on you. 

She’s too much! 

She has immeasurable qualities you need in a woman. 

Maybe she’s not made of sand 

Like us 

Make me an admin of

Your elegant eye-catching self. 

Girl, my pen can die for you. 

I’m done abusing my ink on my crush 

The Poet’s Analysis Of His Work

Not until I examined the content my mind had purged, I didn’t even realize I was staking that which meant all-in-one to me: “Girl, my pen can die for you”. Hyperbole is an eminent figure used in the poem. 

Love can be especially undefinable to those who seldom love. At the time I met the angel that triggered me to make this poem, I had barely had feelings for anyone much less love. 

What do I have to do with love? I paid less attention to it, but in any way, I got twitterpated with this young lady. She was that difference that made a significant difference. I didn’t believe it happened, but my words brought me to the light of the matter. It was as though all was hidden in my subconscious mind. 

The diction of this poem is a simple one. I suspect the reason is nothing more than originality and the nature of the work. It is supposed to make even a layman feel love or loved again. It is largely spontaneous. 

About The Poet 

AGE, the pen name of the Nigerian writer and philosopher Aderemi Gbolahan Emmanuel, was arrived at by pulling together the initials of his full name. 

He is the writer of hundreds of works on the internet, and a contributor and content creator for several personal blogs and companies on the web. He finds the most joy in anything education. To him, there is no significant worth in anything material, so contributing to the mind is always invaluable. Read More About AGE

Mental Love by AGE

Age tells a love story between two introverts. The poetic persona wouldn’t express his love as he wishes. His lover equally feels the same. This mirrors the state of modern relationships where both parties refuse to open up in fear of exposing their emotional vulnerability.

Prof AGE

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