15 signs an older man finds you attractive 

Older men are quite different from younger men in the way they approach things including showing interest in people they are crazy about deep down. Given this, we understand how hard it can be to figure out the signs that an older man finds you attractive, and as such this article has been written to give you some of the most appropriate signs to look out for. 

Signs an older man finds you attractive 

1. He shows true interest in you

Nearly all men show interest in the women they love but this will be quite more genuine. When you pay close attention, you’ll notice the true interest an older guy develops for you written all over his actions—especially in his speech. 

He asks questions that further bolster the seriousness or genuineness of his interest in you. Such questions may include:

  • Why did you quit your previous relationships?” Leading to such other questions as, “What do you value the most in a relationship?” (if such will ever be bluntly posed to you). 

In any case, rapt attention to his actions and inactions should help you zero in on how much interest he has in you. 

2. He wants Quality time with you 

Unlike the other guys who are no more than binge visitors—seldomly showing up but spending much time with you when available—an older guy who is attracted to you will be prone to long for more time with you since he’ll be preoccupied with an attempt to get to know you better. 

15 signs an older man finds you attractive 

This point is underscored by the research that shows that older people tend to mortgage more time to build positive relationships than their younger counterparts. 

It is one of the few differences between older and younger guys in terms of relationships. The younger ones may come around just to pass the time with you but the older ones are fond of you. So if it is an older man of your choice, do not hesitate to take this to your advantage. 

3. He compliments you 

In an attempt to make you notice his interest in you, an older guy will very likely compliment you more often than is expected from just anyone

Note that this sign can vary between men and may hinge on people’s flirting styles as WikiHow put it. So his compliments may be very sincere or sarcastic, but you shouldn’t bother about it. Just pick the point of his attraction to you in this every time compliments. 

4. He imitates you 

We understand that people vary, and admittedly that’s one strong reason for any exception that may set in amidst the signs on this list but it is not uncommon to see older men imitate the girls they like. This imitation is not intended to ridicule you but rather a fun way to draw your attention to him as well— since you’ve gotten his. 

This act of mirroring your body language or mimicking the way you speak or so is common among older men because also, they always want to be the reason behind your smile. It is a fun sign that he is attracted to you. 

Talking about guys imitating actions, the LaboratoryofLove suggests that “it can be a sign that he is attracted to you”. Similarly, a source has written that it could be a way to build rapport. 

5. He is curious about your relationship status 

Very often, I have heard older men, who are interested in younger ladies, ask the ladies about their husbands and children—and what follows is usually a chortle with an element of disbelief from the ladies who then admit that they are unmarried. This should remind us of point No. 1 on the list. 

It is here standing alone because it embodies a number of other tricks you should look out for.

The bottom line is that the older guy who finds you attractive will usually first be eager to know your relationship status. On the other hand, playboys (since they’re usually not older guys), do not give a f*ck about whether you’re in a relationship already. 

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6. He is always checking in with texts 

While he may understand your busy schedule and try to not be pestilential, the older guy will be too obsessed with you to watch the day and night slip away without getting in touch with you. He may be the first to send you a good morning text and the last to say goodnight to you. 

With these texts, he’ll be predisposed to asking about your well-being and virtually make you notice through his texts that he cares—even if he’s doing it unconsciously. 

7. He makes you see reasons he’d win 

Not just the world but you too. Synecdoche? Whatever! The older guy is mature enough to know that others may also be after you the same way he does and as such, he gives you reasons to pick him over all others. He may always try to make you see why and how he is in the best position to manage your heart… 

15 signs an older man finds you attractive 

Admittedly, this may lead him to brag about his success or sometimes crave to show off when he is around you. What is important to note in this is that if excessively done, the positivity in it may go beyond the shores to turn into a red flag foreshadowing a flaunty or vainglorious personality. 

8. He always wants to be there for you 

Observe closely how he responds whenever he learns about one difficulty or the other impeding you. Caring for, to the point of always trying to help is not a mere stereotypical view of the older men, it is a typical view of the ideal older guy’s response to attraction. His willingness to help you out can tell a lot in itself. 

In the same vein, he is usually very protective. He may tell you to always count on him. 

9. He opens up to you 

An older guy, at this stage of his life, does not value beating around the bush anymore. Owing to this, he prioritizes transparency in relationships. This makes him willing to open up and also eager to have you do the same. It is a sign that he is ready!! 

15 signs an older man finds you attractive 

Similarly, this can help strike a balance with option No7 where he makes you know he is not more than what he has shown you he is up to. It is all just transparency and an act of building trust. 

10. He uses eye contact in flirting 

There is a lot more in eye contact making more than the physical act seen. Research has shown that eye contacts work magic in sending a clear signal to the object of one’s affection, age indifferent

What this says is that while anyone could flirt well using eye contact, it is very often associated with older men who find the object of their affection attractive. It could show that the man is interested but is a little shy or that he is skilled in this act of flirting. 

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11. He craves to make some flirty touches 

This sign may hinge a great deal on the love language of the older man in question. If the older man in question has physical touches as his weakness, you can watch out for those flirty touches. But hey, this shouldn’t suggest that we encourage you to take those touches against your wish—since some women may find it irritating… you know… It’s just another sign you don’t want to overlook. 

12. You make him light up

Now here it is. Not all girls make him happy on sight but here you’re lighting him up upon appearing anywhere anytime. It is an actual sign that you’re his joy giver (as it is called) not by lip service but in practically real ways. 

13. He makes future plans with you 

It is what it is; he hopes you’ll spend more and more time together to reach the future as one and so he may find this practice as one of the best ways to start facing the reality that he thinks awaits you both. 

15 signs an older man finds you attractive 

Not to further digress, a man, especially an older guy—who must be more concerned about things that matter—will not willingly plan for the future with you (except in cases where you’re business partners or stuff alike) if he doesn’t think you add up. There is usually a significant reason for an older man to make plans with a woman.  

14. He introduces you to his family and friends 

What stronger indicator shows that he finds something attractive about you than showing you off to his loved ones? The ones who are in the position to ridicule him so that he regrets this single act if you’re not up to the standard of their circle—a thing he must have thought over several times before the introduction. 

So you see, there are high chances he perceives you as being worthy of it if he gladly flaunts you to his loved ones. 

15. He expresses his feelings

What do you suppose this is?!! We have spoken about his genuineness and transparency earlier. Now, if the first fourteen signs discussed failed him for any reason, he will be picking this up. He may be an older man but perhaps as a final resort to make you notice his interest in you, every man would express his feelings. And this, according to a source, ‘is a strong indicator’ that he finds you attractive. 


  • He might begin to join you in practicing your hobbies. 
  • He likes to surprise you. 
  • He shows respect for your beliefs and views. 
  • While chatting with you, he might send emojis and stickers that unmistakably express his feelings.
  • He doesn’t want to let you down.
  • And finally, his attitude towards you may begin to attract you to him too.


Men are generally perceived to be more confident and ready to express their feelings than women but this does not guarantee that the man you suspect to be attracted to you is one of these many men. There are, in fact, men who are not ready to mention their feelings much less propose to the women after their hearts. There are men and there are men!! 

We are hereby proposing that it can be relatively herculean to determine whether or not an older man finds you attractive. As such, the best hint may just be to follow your mind or to study closely his actions and inactions towards you. 

Sometimes your intuition passes the best signals, so if it feels like your heart clicks with an older man’s, you can take it up from there because it is a positive sign too. 

In a nutshell, that he doesn’t do any of the above to a conspicuous degree doesn’t automatically mean he doesn’t find you attractive. If you want him and you feel a spark (in the words of Textdesire), go for it. 

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