Merry Is My Heart by Tina Rizk

(Sonnet #13) 

Merry is my heart when you’re by my side

Cherry are my cheeks with your hand in mine 

Happy I feel when words to you I write

Marry we will, we’ll sip a wine divine

Our souls are moulded from the same stardust 

Soulmates we are in the great book of fate

Tied are our hearts by an invincible trust  

Love defeats time, love conquers, love prevails

Tell your sweet eyes that go through this poem

I’ve hidden between the lines your message

A thousand longing words to you, my man

Ten thousand hugs, kisses and homage

To your heart that beats in mine I whisper:

Happily we shall live ever after

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

First Published at Poem Hunter (2024). 

Analysis of the Poem

In “Merry Is My Heart,” as the poet, I’ve crafted a sonnet that delves into the depths of romantic love and the profound connection shared with my beloved. Through rhythmic verses and vivid imagery, I express the sheer joy I experience when in the presence of my partner, as evidenced by lines such as “Merry is my heart when you’re by my side.” The imagery of our souls being “moulded from the same stardust” highlights the cosmic bond we share, suggesting a sense of destiny and eternal connection. 

Themes of trust, enduring love, and the conquering power of love over time permeate the poem, reinforcing the idea of a timeless and unbreakable bond. Through the subtle interplay of words, I embed messages of longing and affection, creating a layered and emotionally resonant piece. 

Ultimately, “Merry Is My Heart” serves as a heartfelt declaration of love and a testament to the enduring power of true connection, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the warmth and hope it offers. 

About the Poet

Tina Rizk, a luminary Lebanese poet, weaves the tapestry of emotions through her eloquent verses. Her poetic journey is imbued with a profound dedication to love, as she delicately crafts poems that celebrate the essence of connection with her soulmate. 

Beyond her personal exploration of love’s myriad facets, Tina generously shares her passion for poetry, nurturing budding talents through her inspiring guidance on the “Learning Poetry & Writing” Facebook page. With a remarkable literary footprint, Tina has authored three captivating Anthologies, each a testament to her mastery, available on Amazon.

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