6 Sure signs a woman is jealous of another woman

It could be assumed that jealousy and envy are two of the darkest human emotions we all have as part of our human nature. Jealousy first starts as the envy of another and what we think they have which we don’t have. When the feeling of envy is not controlled, it takes an ugly form known as jealousy. Suddenly you can’t hide your envious emotion any longer.

A woman who is jealous of another woman allows her envy to subdue her and she can’t help but manifest her jealousy towards the other woman. It is natural as human beings that we are jealous and envious of others when they have things we don’t, especially when what they have has to do with the sphere of things we feel uncomfortable about.

Our emotions of envy and jealousy show so much of what it is that we are intimidated by and insecure about.

When it comes to a woman, it could be because of her looks or success. Probably the contrasting woman looks better, more beautiful than her, or even more successful. She would start developing envy and then jealousy towards her. Below are some of the reasons why jealousy could exist between women:

1. If she looks more pretty and generally more beautiful according to the woman who is jealous of her.

2. If she has a more successful career and is also hard working at the same time.

Any woman who has these two qualities has the tendency to attract envy and jealousy from other women who feel insecure about her accomplishments.

3. If she is having an admirable and lovely relationship.

Women who fall into this set are mostly single and unhappy women or women who find themselves in a toxic, unsatisfying relationship. Seeing the woman who has what they want triggers envy, which could in turn develop into jealousy if she doesn’t control herself from dwelling on the envious thoughts.

4. If she is wealthier than the jealous woman.

It is not usually that rich and successful women are victims of jealousy due to the fact that a lot of women like her are always intimidated by her presence.

5. For any other reason specific to the jealous woman.

And for some of these jealous women, would have some other reasons specific to them which one can never imagine unless you have access to their mind/head.

Signs a woman is jealous of another woman

The actions and attitudes of a jealous woman can help predict the state of her mind.

Some of these actions show irritation and hatred towards their victim.

1. They give you a fake smile 

If you observe closely, the smile from a jealous woman you will surely find out how very fake it is. You will also discover that it is forced and exhibited by her just for the sake of keeping up appearances.

2. Their complements are never real and convincing

A jealous woman can never give you a genuine compliment. What she hopes to achieve with her insincere compliments conjoined with sarcasm is to sow seeds of curiosity in your mind and make you start to doubt what you have. Don’t pay attention to it.

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3. They backstab and gossip about you behind you

They always pretend to have your best interest at heart, but behind your back, all they do is gossip about you.

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And you know the funny part of this is that they don’t realize that they are making you look more like a celebrity the more they talk about you.

4. They are always absent from any event celebrating your success

If you invite them to an event to celebrate your success, they will certainly not attend. They will give some meaningless excuse on why they would be unable to attend. And the reason for this is that they can’t stand the atmosphere of you being celebrated, so they try to avoid it.

5. In some cases, they try to sabotage everything you do

This is mostly found in offices or places of work. If you have a female coworker who is jealous of you, she will make it her mission to sabotage every step you take. This could be conspiring with other coworkers against you, tampering with documents or information that would help you with your work, or not delivering information that is supposed to get to you.

6. They are always competing with you, trying to outdo you

The only way a jealous woman could convince herself that there is nothing special about you is to always try to look better or do something better than you. They are always in unending competition with you, and you will notice this because they won’t even try to hide it from you. On the other hand, they will make sure you know about it because that is the purpose of the competition.

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