The Lagoon by Marisa Signora 

As soon as I was there…

the movement of the water stirred and moved something in me

calling me in, like a friend waiting to embrace me, 

such a sense of peculiar safety

Transparency with buoyance,

the colours, the ripples, the sense of sweet flow,

the soft sound barely heard, beckoning like a soft warm pillow

that would hold me and submerge me in its all enchanting cocoon,

this special place-

this limestone lagoon.

The stillness and peace surrounding the harsh essence of the place,

limestone edges and cliffs protecting this space,

reaching up and connecting with the endless azure-

 reality displaced.

The silence only broken by: The occasional calls,

one, two, three vultures circling around, nature reveals all.


the shrill of the hawk silently gliding by

disappears around the limestone edge looking to survive.


the rustling of the tops of the bamboo grasses from the very light breeze

barely felt lying on these warm limestone pebbles, yet what can be felt is such a strong sense of peace,

at the edge of The Lagoon.

About of the Poet 

I was born in Milan and largely lived in the UK. I moved to Catalonia, Spain, over four years ago for an off grid alternative, close to the land lifestyle, on an almond finca. I have been writing poetry in English since I could speak at the age of eight and am currently in the process of finishing my first novel. I have always loved writing and have recently started to create watercolour art which I often use with my poetry. 

Analysis of poem

This poem was deeply inspired by a recent trip to a nearby natural limestone swimming lagoon, not too far away from where I live. This was the first time I had been not in the hot months and it had such a different light and energy. It completely uplifted my spirit and gave me so much clarity and such a strong sense of peace that this poem was born from it. I have used some rhyme and some indirect rhyme, to give pace and flow to the poem. 

As soon as I arrived I felt such a calling by the water, almost pulling me in – if it hadn’t been so cold. The metaphors used are describing the contrasting elements such as the soft flowing water to the stark, rigid limestone edges, the peace and stillness only interrupted by the birds of prey flying overhead, the wildness of the place and yet feeling such a sense of belonging like home. 

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