If It Can Be Possible by Emmanuel Suazo

If it can be possible,

let me love you again after I cry,

because tears blurred my eyes

and I can’t see clearly beyond myself.

If it can be possible,

let me love you again after the pain,

because pain numbs my heart

and I am incapable to surely express my feeling.

If it can be possible,

let me love you again when I find peace,

because in peace I can be myself

and I can place my head above my heart.

If it can be possible,

you be the first to speak to me about love,

make me feel all the words that you say

that my trust in love will blossom again;

because only you can bring back the happiness

that I’ve known when we shared our life together.

For it can be possible,

that we decide to love each other again,

to forgive the hurt and transcend the pain,

and reset the beginning of our new journey,

where our past is behind us and

cannot haunt our future,

and claim the bliss of our imperfect love…

that desires perfection.

Analysis of the Poem

As can be clearly understood, the poem is about a lover’s quarrel. Just like other couples, we were not immune to quarrel. But this time our quarrel was very grave and serious. The issue is very personal and private to us. Our quarrel brought us at the threshold of separation. We are trying to save our relationship.

About the Poet

My real name is Emmanuel B. Suazo, a Filipino residing in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines. I use the name Manny Suazo in my Facebook account. I write poems part time because I am still active in the organizations I am involved with. I also live in our farm and manages the works on a daily basis, except when I go on travel to visit our children living abroad.

I have not taken any formal instructions about poetry or writing poems. I self-studied for a very limited time and read poems in order to learn.

I am a licensed agricultural engineer by profession. I worked as a senior engineer in a grains agency before and became an operations manager. However, I resigned from my work and engaged in grains farming and trading.

 I am married with eight children. My wife was a senior bank manager, but like me, she left her job early. Our Children are all professionals. Five are working abroad—UK (2), US (1), Spain (1), NZ (1).

Me and my wife live in our farm since the Covid pandemic. We come to like it here and decided to spend the rest of our life enjoying the ambiance of farm life. 

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