Dear Future Wife by Masoni Alex

The kind of ladies men want are not those who jump up in night clubs and be carried home drunk 

The kind of ladies men want are those who jump up in fellowships and carry home a little hope to bank 

See, we don’t fear guns at all, we fear bullets 

We don’t fear ladies at all, we fear love

No, we don’t fear love at all, we fear trust 

And so if trust is the reason we beat around the bushes 

Then we better just burn the bushes down! 

And if the light in that smile is anything to go by 

Then a candle lit dinner is not anything to go buy! 

See, ever seen someone on gunpoint, even in a movie? 

And there’s nothing you can do, 

No, there’s something you can do, watch them die! 

Ever fallen in love? 

And there’s nothing you can do

No, there’s something you can do, keep loving! 

Some questions have no answers 

Just like when someone asks you the difference between the same? 

Or maybe difference between loving deeply and deeply loving? 

Sometimes if beating around the Bush is a problem, then just jump over the Bush! 

So dear future wife, I am not yet sure whether am a poet 

Maybe I am just wordy 

If I tell you today that I loose sleep at times, I will be a liar 

Truth is I don’t sleep at all

And if I tell you that I have never felt like this before, I will be lying 

Truth is today I feel more than I have felt before 

I have a problem with finance 

But romance calls me by name 

And so if you need an adventure 

I will just build you a forest of words 

And take you for a hike deep inside my verse! 

See, would you dance? If you saw me dancing? 

And if you are the bullet

Then let me be shot right inside my heart 

Because dying with you inside my heart keeps me alive! 

See, maybe I am not a poet 

Maybe just crowding words in streets called verses 

Hey, Wednesdays are delicate, like eggs 

Some care, some care, and let not it’s delicate All about me

Some would say I am just a poet, am real and I know a poetic licence can’t be used on 


The poem focuses on the course of love and trust. It explains what young marriageable men want in a woman.

They believe that when you marry a woman who bumps into fellowships you carry hope to a home unlike those who go to nightclubs. The person begs that when he marries the future may she be a woman of substance for a better marriage.

The persona expresses his true love to the partner saying that he fears no gun but he fears the bullet. On the other hand, he does not fear love but he fears love and therefore he believes in loving and loving alone.

He is hence lost in love not knowing whether through his poem is just crowding words and calling them verses or it’s just expressing the true love. The poet loves and feels for the future wife hoping that one day when they walk down the aisle. He will be the happiest man on Earth.

About the Poet

Masoni Alex is a Kenyan writer. He studied at Kakamwe High School where he developed a habit of writing plays, analyses, and poems.

He studied as a teacher of English and Literature at Kibabii University where he met his mentor in writing Dr Amayi who supported his skills.

Currently, he is a teacher at Kikai Girls High School. His works have been positively acknowledged by many writers. He has yet to publish another book entitled “The Fainting Heart” 

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