Daydream by Emmanuel Suazo

Where is the face I used to see

whose smile can light even

the darkest abyss of my soul

come let me touch you

let me caress the tender contours

of your countenance that i

may experience the delight

of your loveliness.

and let me hear you speak

let me hear your soft nigh inaudible whispers

yet which faintest giggle is a deafening

intensity that can awaken my deepest desire

then let me kiss you

let me savor the ardor of your nectared lips

oh so passionately warm

until my heart begs for more

and I shall take you along with me

to a void and timeless place

where only our air can fill our space

and only our breath can tick the seconds

come… stay… don’t go… sigh…

Analysis of the poem

 The poem is about my feeling of longing for the presence of my partner. She was physically away for two months to visit her parents and I was feeling very lonely because of her absence. We were already very close with each other and spent most of our time together.

One time when I was alone I terribly missed her and so I wrote my thoughts and how I was feeling at that very moment. I recalled our sweet togetherness, how affectionately we related with one another, like true lovers as we were.

We loved each other deeply and we expressed our love freely in many ways. Everything between us was fresh and I felt it like our memories were always on the surface untouched by time.

About the Poet

My real name is Emmanuel B. Suazo, a Filipino residing in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines. I use the name Manny Suazo in my FB account. I write poems part time because I am still active in the organizations I am involved with. I also live in our farm and manages the works on a daily basis, except when I go on travel to visit our children living abroad.

I have not taken any formal instructions about poetry or writing poems. I self-studied for a very limited time and read poems in order to learn.

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