A New Day by Marisa Signora

carpets of wildflowers, dark skies fiercely lit

the sun and the moon together, one rising, one setting

secret languages, unknown tongues, the mysticism of unspoken words,

whispers in the breeze, lo loud yet seldom heard…

feeling the freshness of the sweet spring breeze

while silhouettes are dancing high up on the blossom laden trees

their inspirational joyous songs fills my heart

bringing this new morning in and an opportunity for a brand new start.

Analysis of poem: A New Day

This poem was deeply inspired by the land I was living in when I first moved to Spain a few years ago. It was in the middle of the mountains, stunning views and extremely isolated. It was the first spring I’d been living there, and each new day the nature was changing and blossoming and it was like living in a wildflower meadow, scattered with almond trees in full bloom, and such a variety of birds all singing their own song. 

Dawn is a particularly sacred time; when night turns to day. It feels mysterious and magical, so much more so living where I lived, living in a yurt feeling so close and connected to the environment. Watching the sun rise was and is something I do often and I particularly feel joy when the sun and moon are up together. 

These are all expressed through imagery, metaphors and through the subtle rhyming nature of this poem. I am hoping it will uplift and inspire readers and remind us all that each new day is a new opportunity to live the life we want.

About the Poet

I was born in Milan and largely lived in the UK. I have taught primary aged children for quite some time as well as performed in various bands. I moved to Catalonia, Spain, over four years ago for an off grid alternative, close to the land lifestyle, on an almond finca. 

I have been writing poetry in English since I could speak at the age of eight and am currently in the process of finishing my first novel. I have always loved writing and have recently started to create watercolour art which I often use with my poetry. 

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