A Letter to the Paranoid from another Paranoid by AGE

How do you manage to get disgusted

with one who has no idea what he has done wrong?

Why do you keep grudges against others

when it’s you who wronged yourself?

Do you not look inward?

You should know better than to think that your

attitude will alter my equanimity.

I’m built a contrarian; your idea is yours.

I’m at peace with as many as those who are at peace with themselves.

If you’re too weak to fight your own mind,
Will you win against the world?!!

© Aderemi Gbolahan Emmanuel

Analysis of the Poem

The poet addresses an issue regarding a friend who he perceived to be paranoid, first making the title of the work “A Letter to a Paranoid”.

By the time the poem was ready to be sent as a letter to the said friend, AGE reread his work only to find some traits of paranoia in the poetic persona himself.

As to the content of the poem, it is intended for a friend who went from seeking assistance to not wanting to do his part, to thinking he is ignored and underestimated.

The poetic technique mostly employed by the poet is rhetorical question, primarily because the poet is bent on addressing the situation with Socratic irony.

Too plunged in the mind of his recipient, the poet himself became confused and almost started to address the work to himself as well.

This is evident in line eight when the poet writes, “I am built a contrarian…”.


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