Listening From the Distance by Dana Sheehy 

I hear her cries, 

But I do not try

To help her out of all her lies.

Too many times 

She called for me 

To hear her story, 

To hear her mourn for free.

Once she never in her life,

Asked if I was okay with all my strife.

I was the friend that cared too much.

I was the one that got burned yet I never threw a punch.

She came to me and cried so she could be free,

Leaving me so frantic, in addition, not at ease.

Take your comic self from here, 

Take it somewhere where you will be heard.

You’ll get your attention, 

You’ll get your applause, 

But it will be from those that won’t glance at all.

Feel my words and feel them now,

I am clear and I’ll throw you in a lough.

I have purity and I have friends, 

That are there for me right through to a crowd.

I do not scare because I do not wear or tear those that are here and actually care.

Think for once if you dare, to come again and do not share.  

That’s your game all f*cking day, 

If you think, you’ll actually pay before you go on and neigh neigh neigh.

I leave in peace and leave for good.

Do not follow, for if you should,

The table will not have a seat for you and your crook. 

Analysis of the Poem

The writer in this poem is in a position to have to repeatedly listen to someone’s complaints, both real and lies.  She has come to a point where she is no longer able to tolerate this, one being the complainer never asks the writer how they are doing, two being the complainer continues and the writer feels it never ends.  

The writer became strong enough that she was able to tell the complainer to walk away, never to return, and this freed the writer from having to listen to all the complaints.  The writer feels the complainer will never find someone who will listen, yet not as intently as the writer did; the writer leaves the complainer for good.  

All this is accurately portrayed in the poem.  The writer continues talking about the complainer’s possible attempts of returning to her role of complaining, and what this would do to the complainer, and vice versa, what the writer would do to the complainer.  The writer calls out the complainer’s game of complaining all the time, yet in the end, the writer leaves instead.

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About Dana Sheehy

Dana Sheehy attended college at Cazenovia College and received her Bachelors in Science in Psychology and later attended State University in New York of Albany where she received her Masters in Science in Educational Psychology and Methodology.  

She recently published a book called Beautiful Thoughts to Kindle Direct Publishing and she is publishing her second book of poems called Invaded Thoughts.  

Beautiful Thoughts contains 72 poems of contemporary rhyming poems; both booths are written from the point of view of someone who is in a drug treatment facility and the content involves depression, self- pity, self- worth, seeking wisdom, seeking knowledge.

The poem is one of disillusionment. It describes how the poetic persona got dismayed in the realisation of her role in a relationship she cherished.

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