Jane by Jerry Bowman

Through my eyes ~ Jerry Bowman


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I’ve lived all my life safe in a bubble,
Not making waves, staying out of trouble.
That may have changed while taking the train,
I met a woman whose first name was Jane.

In conversation she shared something odd,
Pointing out that life is just a facade.
She continued to explain her thought,
“We believe we have choice, but we do not.”

I was then fascinated and Jane became animated…

“All of our life we are conditioned well,
Like Pavlov’s dogs, we react to the bell.
Individuals losing all control,
Giving up our freedom, mind, body and soul.
Dystopian predictions are well known,
Society is controlled and condoned,
Our thoughts altered by misinformation,
That is how they can control the nation.”

She went on… “A disaster was forewarned.
We should be aware and not misinformed,
Orwell’s book 1984 predicted,
Big brother in charge and unrestricted.
Huxley, in his Brave New World, contrasted,
That pleasure is used as the main distraction.”

Jane talked extensively about each style…
“Either through pleasure, becoming docile,
Or by suppression and inflicting pain,
Different predictions, outcomes the same.”

She spoke more on punishment and pleasure,
“They both work just as well for this endeavor.
Sandwiched between approval, fear and pain.
They’re used to control thoughts and change the brain.
Condoning attacks if you don’t agree… or
Micro dosing to maintain apathy.
They keep control with the use of police,
Homelessness and drugs abound in the streets.”

I questioned her on other positions…
Can we avoid those doomsday predictions,
By being aware of both conditions?
Jane paused and then mentioned politicians…

“If we set aside political views,
A distraction that forces us to choose,
Big brother’s in charge no matter which side,
It feels like a choice, but both sides have lied.
We don’t decide who picks the controllers,
Government is controlled by their owners.
We may have gotten too much invested,
Especially if it goes uncontested.”

Jane ended by saying we must be brave…
She scared me more with the advice she gave.

“To end all this madness is hit or miss,
But it is too important to dismiss,
Regardless of how, we have to resist,
We must if we want a chance to exist.”

The train came to a stop and I remarked,
Thank you for sharing, as Jane disembarked.
I was left thinking, I can not be sure,
Whether I will fight or simply endure.

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