Leave Me Alone by Dana Sheehy

We were friends and we had laughs, 

We laughed together,

We even made crafts.

There came a point,

And it came quick,

Where your language was disgusting,

Just like a tick.

I tried to ignore it,

But it continued,

I tried to tell,

It was just like a feud.

I asked myself,

Is this worth it?

To continue a friendship,

Or to simply split?

I wanted peace,

I wanted space,

I knew you could not provide me with grace.

So here I am, letting you know,

Our time is over,

I’m letting you go.

Please take your ammo,

Turn and leave, 

You will not deny me a time to bereave.

I feel fresh,

I feel clean,

I wish I had done this when I was a teen.

I have learned that I seek peace.

I will not tolerate negativity,

Or the relationship will cease.

I feel proud and I feel great,

To take firm action in my life and in what I create.

Analysis of Leave Me Alone

This poem was inspired by a relationship that sprung in a drug rehabilitation treatment center, between a 68 year old male and a 40 year old woman.  The man was overly persistent with the woman since the woman arrived, as he had been there first.  He persisted by showering her with small gifts (i.e. Arm and Hammer deodorant, hard candies, purchasing clothes for her without her asking).  Unknown to most, small gifts mean a lot to those that are in a drug treatment facility, as many privileges, such as leaving the facility, having guests, and having products with alcohol in them, are prohibited, including beauty products.  She grew fond of this man, although as she progressed in her program and became more healthy, she started to become more and more upset with his foul language that included swear words.  She also could not put up with his constant brags, talking about other people, and quick temper, which the poem does not accurately display.  She started to spend more time with the women at the facility, which angered this man, leading her to have to seek help from a counselor on one specific day, also not portrayed in the poem.

Biography of Author

Dana Sheehy attended college at Cazenovia College and received her Bachelors in Science in Psychology and later attended State University in New York of Albany where she received her Masters in Science in Educational Psychology and Methodology.  She recently submitted a book called Beautiful Thoughts to Kindle Direct Publishing and it is currently under review to be published.  This book contains 72 poems of contemporary rhyming written poems from the point of view of someone who is in a drug treatment facility and the content involves depression, self- pity, self- worth, seeking wisdom, seeking knowledge.


In this work, poetry is brought to life again. Dana’s poetic personae had her tolerance wearing thin. She was pushed to the wall. Her “I will not tolerate negativity” line shows the point where one has no other choice than to make such a drastic decision—to put off a toxic relationship. It’s not something everyone can do especially when driven by emotions. So real.

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