9 Signs You Are An Attractive Guy 

One of the most mysterious things in life is love and it has a unique way of affecting what attracts each person in life. Since love is blind, beauty must be in the eyes of the beholder, ultimately making up the fact that attraction is a mystery and can therefore mean different things to different people. 

As a result, the world cannot come to agree on the thing(s) that makes a person attractive. So it stands that a number of factors, however, can contribute to the way we are viewed as individuals. 

As if that is all, the world not only ponders on what truly makes people attractive, it has to help some know whether they are attractive. Since you are not alone, we have researched and centre this piece on signs you are an attractive guy. 

Signs You Are an Attractive Guy 

Rest assured the chances you are an attractive guy is high when you notice any of the signs on the list below. 

  1. Guys pick on you for no reason 

Because they are only humans, you’d most likely encounter torture and maltreatment from other guys especially those who have power over you for reasons you cannot phantom. This could be a pure sign you are an attractive guy and their actions are just a response to the stimulus of ‘jealousy.’

In the same vein, you should start knowing that you are attractive when you find yourself being favored by ladies more than guys. Not only will most guys dislike you, they will try to bully you. 

  1. You rarely got rejected 

And now you think you are a man of the people for no reason? You don’t walk around the street with a briefcase full of money you give away and you still don’t know why you don’t get rejected? Come on, it is because one or more things make you appear attractive. 

Moreso, in every group you find yourself, people may always push you to lead. 

  1. You are in power

Do you take time to notice how many female friends male cultists have? You probably have not paid attention to this well enough, so I won’t assume you know. Girls love cult guys, why? 

Signs You Are An Attractive Guy 
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Remember we say attraction is something mysterious. Sometimes it works that one attribute connected to another that links to another causes attraction. While being a cultist may be perceived as something bad, most ladies appreciate it because it makes guys appear like an influencer to them. 

The point in a nutshell is that whoever can control a room well, will win the heart of some people. 

If you are a leader or something else that shows you have influence, confidence, and power, you would automatically be attractive to many, so being in power is an independent sign on its own. 

  1. All eyes seek you 

No! You won’t deny you also take time to look at good things. People want to be around you, at the same time, heads turn to watch you on the street, and everywhere else. All you see is that there are more eyes on you. Very well, this can happen in many different forms so just notice it in any way. 

Take a few seconds to remember those occasions or venues you have attended where everyone turns to watch you or attempt to make you notice them. Does any exist? It is one of the clear signs you are an attractive guy. 

  1. You feel secure

Do you stay calm when others are trembling? Can you remember smiling or appearing just fine when others think you should be panicking? It is a big sign you are attractive. This is so because people, especially women, want to move with those who feel secure and confident. It is only intrinsic!

  1. People find it difficult to believe you are single 

Apparently they would not easily believe you, the same way you’d think Cynthia is too beautiful to be single! Attractive people (regardless of gender) generally suffer from this. 

 Signs You Are An Attractive Guy 

When you remember two or more scenes where people have accused you of denying your relationship (something they only assume), then be sure you are thought too good to be single. 

By extension, girls who don’t want to be side chicks may avoid attractive guys. So don’t be bemused when you don’t seem to get noticed. 

  1. You get a lot of compliments 

Do you notice people compliment your dress and look more than they do your friends? An attractive guy would get many (especially women) to compliment him every now and then. In fact these people may not be people you have met before. 

Once you notice this, you can start to think of what makes you attractive, because you are. 

However, not all attractive guys get so many compliments. This may be so because many want to assume you already know you look good and that there is no need to retrace the art. 

Reading Suggestion: Leave Me Alone by Dana

  1. You are well-groomed 

It is only natural that you get attractive for being well-groomed. You may have to look within yourself now and check whether you are well-groomed or not. 

While this is not intended to tell you how to become attractive, we must point out things like this because once you attribute them, you can be sure you would be attractive. On the other hand, a handsome guy would not attract anyone if he smells bad or looks untidy. 

  1. You enjoy people’s help hands 

More like the father of all other points on our list, people think attractive people are good, so they tend to favor them more. 

When as an ordinary man, you get to a place where people have to queue and the young female attendant around ask you to come first or before others you meet (and some other related cases), you should know you attract people in some ways. 


Everyone wants something good. No one wants to associate with a person they are not proud of showing to others. If you ask me, then I would say that the concept of attractiveness is not more than this, in a nutshell. 

In light of this, a person’s value (intellectually and physically) can go a long way to tell whether they would be attractive. If you can give what it takes to be a person of value, look no further to other signs you are an attractive guy. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do girls only want men who are good looking? 

No. Although it is an inaccurate notion, it remains a fact that most people look out for ‘the look’ when we talk of attractiveness. As a result, many get to believe what they see in the mirror is a true picture of themselves. It works, but there’s more to it. 

Women are naturally attracted to men with good facial looks, tall height, and all that, but it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate other features in guys. 

Based on research (part of which is scientifically proven), women also find guys attractive when they are confident, funny, nice, competent, determined, intelligent, independent, etc. 

Women are attracted to different things in men and this can be the straight answer to your question. For that girl you are crushing on, it may be ‘deep voice’ (showing masculinity) that gets her. If you don’t have it, you may not meet the standard for her. 

How do you become naturally attractive? 

First thing first – kindly remember you cannot attract everyone to yourself. 

To be naturally attractive, a guy would have to work on his physical appearance (build your body moderately), get brilliant, be smart, be nice, smell good, and look tidy.

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