9 Signs You Are the Side Chick

If you are in a relationship with a playboy, it is only normal that you don’t easily know if you are his side chick. 

In the same vein, all other men can make you feel you have got all of their heart while it is just the other way around. 

As a result, it is always better that you are skilled in being able to read the signs you are the side chick to a man. 

Our compilation of the signs you should look out for is inspired by the consequences of not getting to know early enough whether or not a girl is a man’s side chick or piece. 

Who Is A Side Chick? 

9 Signs You Are the Side Chick

We would get to talk about the given topic in no time but first thing first; there is a need for you to know what it means to be a side chick. 

A side chick or side piece as it’s most often referred to is a woman in an undisclosed affair with a man already in a committed relationship. 

Having said that, let us go to see the signs you notice when you are the side chick to a man. 

Signs You Are the Side Chick

Watch out for the following signs in a man who does not intend to marry you. 

1. He Keeps His Phone Out Of Your Reach 

One of the most common things among guys who have side chicks is claiming to be protective of their privacies, especially to the girl(s) they least love. This can be a red flag showing that you are not the main person he is involved with. 

A man like this would not want you to access many things on his phone. He also usually walks away when calling or texting. This sign, the first on our list is something that should make you suspect your lover. 

2. He Doesn’t Show You To His People 

If he is proud to have you as a partner, your man should show you to his friends and family, with a proper introduction. Otherwise, he may not be so much interested in you, increasing the chances that you are just a side piece. 

Nevertheless, you must understand that a guy, especially one who flirts a lot, may show you to his friends despite his intentions to keep you as a mere chick. Thus, you should only be too sure of his intentions when he shows or doesn’t show you to his family. 

3. Not Picking up Your Calls 

It is what it is. By this, we mean: self-defined. A man who does not often pick up your calls may always come through with several excuses that will leave you confused. 

The way out? Ask yourself why he gives excuses all the time. How often he misses your call is another thing to consider. And how relevant his excuses are, will do to be the last point to take note of, once you see this sign. Intrinsically, you should be able to tell if you are the side chick after answering all these to yourself. 

4. He Only Calls Late At Night 

It is normal if your man calls you late at night but the question is how often? Unless you know that his job does not allow him to call in the day or that he calls day and night, late-night calls or texts should be a warning sign to you, as it only shows he cannot reach you unless he is not with the main check. 

Kindly understand that by late night, we don’t mean anytime around 7 p.m., we are talking of 10 p.m., 11 p.m., or anytime in the middle of the night. 

5. You Don’t Go On Dates 

Most guys love to spend quality time with their main chicks, and going on dates is the most common way they go about this. 

There is a high chance that your man only keeps you as his side chick if he does not go on dates with you. 

9 Signs You Are the Side Chick

The time you spend together in bed in his house is not enough, he should take you out to watch cinemas or have fun if he is proud of being with you. 

6. He Doesn’t Pay Much Attention To You 

Women want attention and men know. But what happens when a man avoids paying attention to the woman he calls his partner? There are often two sides to cases like this. It is either he is busy with his career or another woman. 

When it is his career, we want to believe he is busy. But when it is another woman who keeps him away, he does not value you so much. 

In this case, whether he is busy or not is a thing you may want to find out if you won’t jump to paralogize. 

7. He Does Not Open Up 

Why should a man who only intends to spend a few nights with you in bed open up to you? Let’s be realistic, you wouldn’t either – if you were in his shoes since you wouldn’t want to leave any significant traces after calling it quits. 

Because it is just what it appears to be, we would suggest you become suspicious of your man when you notice he doesn’t often open up to you. It doesn’t matter whether he is an introvert, watch him well. 

8. You Are Not A Priority

Do you remember you can’t count how many times he turned you down? Do you remember those nights he would schedule a time with you but would not show up? It is a big sign and a red flag that you would not get along for long. 

9. You Don’t Know Where He Lives 

In many instances, this is not the case and a good way to tell that a man takes you for not more than a side chick, but it can help too. 

Some guys will always meet you at one of their friend’s houses or at the hotel. Sometimes it may even be in your own house. In any case, all you should watch out for is that they don’t want to leave a trace. 


While all of these signs may work magic in helping you discover if you are the side chick, you should remember that fingers are not equal and that every individual is unique. 

In a nutshell, while Mr. A may avoid showing you to his people because he is very protective of you, Mr. B may be doing it because he is not proud of you. This simple logic applies to all other signs on our list, be very observant! 


Can A Man Love His Side Chick? 

Yes, he can. A common myth around this topic (especially among religious people) is that a man cannot love more than one woman at a time. Let’s see the facts behind this.  

People double-date not because they are forced but often because they have come to realize that they can’t tell who between their two lovers is more charming – this can be love. 

In the same vein, a man can simultaneously love two women, (one of which you are in this case), but he cares for one more than the other, owing for many reasons. 

What To Do When You Find Out You Are A Side Chick? 

It is either you leave or stay! I hope I do not sound blunt and inhumane at this point because I’d say the ball is in your court. 

There is no one else to decide what to do for you. We can only come in when you need a guide on how to do which option you want to settle for. 

If you love him or have good reasons (like hope in your prognosis) to keep the relationship then you’d better continue. On the other hand, you should call it quits if your heart will hurt more along the line. 

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