15 Friendship Moral Stories in English 

There are helluva friendship moral stories in English as a language, but neither time nor space will allow us to convey them all in this piece to perhaps be a one-size-fits-all, so we have done our crowdsourcing and selected some fifteen of the most effective for you. 

 1. Friend’s Promise 

It is unwise to make promises hastily. As the story writer told it, two friends who were on their way to an event couldn’t use the bridge to the other side of the place at a time, so one went first; Birdal. 

Birdal managed to use the tiny slippery bridge to the other end safely and watched his friend walk through it. Before he could reach the end of the bridge, the friend lost balance and fell. 

Birdal made to help him out with his hand. The friend got very close to the shore and promised to give Birdal some money for saving his life. He wasn’t out of the water yet when Birdal let go of his hand, so he couldn’t but fall back. 

The friend was shocked but Birdal taught him a moral: Not to make promises hastily. He came out of the water and thanked Birdal who wasn’t after materials for the lesson. 

 2. Goat and Horse Story 

This is the story of fate with two animals of a farmer; Goat and Horse. Horse was very ill with a virus and should be killed (without his knowledge) if he doesn’t respond to treatment within three days of concentration. Goat knew this and told Horse about it. 

Horse wouldn’t have acted energetic on the third day if not for Goat’s steering. The farmer was so joyous that Horse is well again and so he declared a party where the goat will be killed for meat. 

The lesson here is that sometimes we stand a chance to lose by being true friends. That’s life.  

 3. Rich Man Locker Keys 

This is a story that teaches us not to trust blindly. It is about a rich man and a new customer turned friend of his. 

He set out on a journey with his family and entrusted the keys to his locker to his new friend. It was a risky thing to do because the friend knows all his life’s earnings are saved there. 

When the rich man returned, he was accused by his friend for not trusting him—he claimed a rock and not money was left in the locker. 

The rich man had been so fortunate that he only tested the friend with that act, if he had truly left his money behind, this friend would have robbed him. He was happy about his test and chased the new friend away. We should be careful about the way we trust.  

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 4. The True Friend 

This story reinforces true friends, reporting the account of two friends, a Squirrel and a Puppy, and how they supported each other even though there were reasons to get jealous about the other’s abilities and successes. 

Squirrel was more celebrated than Puppy, because he was sporty, so Puppy felt less important, yet made himself available as a good support system for his friend Squirrel.

 5. Man and His Dog

As we all already know, dogs have been man’s companions for ages. It also serves as guard, simultaneously. This story talks about a man who rose one morning to find that he was dead. 

It was only he and his dog lying by his side that he found. He was glad that the dog stood by him all along and consequently decided to be a good friend too. 

He walked the new environment with his dog in search of water for he and his companion but the first helper they met claimed his place was Heaven and couldn’t offer them water to drink because the man won’t be allowed in with his friend. 

He pressed further with his friend and found the true Heaven which allowed him and his friend in for water. Only then was it realized that if he had settled for the place that didn’t accommodate his friend, he would have been in hell. His loyalty to their friendship earned him Heaven. 

 6. True Friend Meaning 

Friendship Moral Stories in English 

This is the story of Lily, a friend of all. She helped and played with everyone wherever she went. But one day when best friends were being rewarded in her school, no one gave Lily any present—contrary to her expectations. 

She cried and had people in the class come to console her for some time. A replica of what she’s always truly done. She told her mother about her disappointment and only then did she learn that one must give quality time to one’s partner, if he/she wants to be a true friend. You have to always be there.

With this, she realized one cannot be a true friend of all. There is never enough time for that. And at that point, she found true friendship in her mother who has always been there for her.  

  7. Hare who was very friendly 

Hare was a good friend to every animal in the forest he lived, until one day when he was forced to seek the help of his so-called friends under the close attack of hounds. None, including Horse (who referred him to goat, and goat who referred him to sheep, and so on) could help him, they gave excuses. 

Hare eventually realized he had been doing this friendship thing wrongly. 

Similar to the case of the previously examined “True Friend” story, Hare was too blind to know that you cannot be a true friend to all, and if you are, everyone cannot be a true friend to you. One is definitely certain if not both. What we need are a few real friends that can stand by in days of trouble.  

 8. Two Friends and the Bear 

Never lose your wit and beware of false friends. This story talks about two friends who set out on a journey and promised to help each other in times of trouble. 

As they journeyed, they had to pass through a forest and along the way, they caught sight of a bear. One of the friends who could climb trees sought shelter in the nearby tree leaving his friend behind. Thankfully, the other friend knew bears don’t touch the dead, so he pretended to be dead and was saved. 

After the bear had gone out of sight, the one on the tree asked his friend what the bear had said to his ears when he came around him, and the friend’s response was, “Beware of fake friends”.

 9. Lost Mobile and Friend’s Suggestion

Sonu collected the mobile details and home address of a poor boy who lost his new mobile, promising to reach him if he found it. 

At Sonu’s friend’s place, he found the phone and urged his friend to let them take it to the owner but the friend refused. Some time after then, the friend too was crying and he told Sony he had lost his new mobile too. 

He couldn’t get his new mobile back yet they couldn’t find the poor boy when he decided to return the mobile he seized. 

Not only did he reaped what he had sown, Sonu’s friend felt how it felt to do bad. 

10. Filter Test for Rumours

Friendship Moral Stories in English 

Here is a narrative about the way Socrates stopped a particular man from telling him rumors. The man walked up to Socrates (the first of the trio Greece philosophers), and said he wanted to tell Socrates about his friend. 

Socrates asked him to pass his Triple Filter Test before going further. First, he asked if the man was sure what he wanted to say was true. Second, he asked if what he wanted to tell him about his friend was goodness. And third, he asked if the report is of any use to him (Socrates). The rumor carrier’s answers were all not in support of the filter that fits Socrates.

The news wasn’t confirmed to be true, it’s not a good one, and Socrates needn’t be told. The man went away and saved Socrates the stress of having to hear rumors about his friend. Rumors can make us lose trust in those we cherish.  

11. How many friends do you need to be happy? 

A student who walked up to his teacher to ask how many friends he needed, was made to answer himself by some kind of trial and error exercise. 

The man asked him to pluck a fruit in the highest branch of a tree and the boy couldn’t. He was asked to get his friends involved in the process and they managed to build a live pyramid but still weren’t reaching the fruit. 

They stopped and the boy went back to his master thinking he had learnt the answer. He thought if he had more friends joining the pyramid (which collapsed anyway), they’d reach the fruit but the teacher told him if he had had more friends, probably one of them would be smart enough to introduce a ladder.

12. The Camel and the Jackal  

Reaping what we sow also applies to relationships. A camel and a jackal were inhabitants of a jungle when the jackal spoke to the camel about his plan to visit the other side of the place where sugarcanes are planted. His plans to eat those sugarcanes can’t come true unless he helped to cross the river between them and the other field, so he needed the camel.

They got there on the scheduled day and both ate the sugarcanes; for jackal, to his satisfaction but camel had to eat more. Jackal soon started to howl upon satisfaction and the camel pleaded against it, that they may not be detected. Jackal didn’t stop, he claimed it was his habit whenever he ate, so the camel was caught while Jackal hid in the farm. 

The farmers struck Camel badly yet he agreed to take Jackal home when it was time. On their way back, the Camel rolled in the middle of the water claiming it was his habit after meals too, until Jackal got drowned and couldn’t continue.

13. Two Friends And Their Revenge

We should always not act out of rage. This story was told of two friends—Deepak and Vikas—who both invested in a business that shortly became a success.

Soon afterward, Deepak had an idea to start another business on his own but he didn’t have enough money, so he invited Vikas to also join. Vikas joined reluctantly but it was on this idea that they spent almost all that they had gathered for years. 

Vikas found it hard to forgive Deepak for his downfall which he thought was done on purpose, so he burnt Deepak’s house. Deepak took loans and started another business to become much greater than his friend and he took revenge on Vikas with the influence of his status. Vikas became so poor he went to beg Deepak that it was about time they stopped taking vengeance and became friends again, but Deepak claimed it wasn’t possible again. 

The lesson here is that lack of trust and understanding caused all the loss between the two friends. 

14. Boy and Girl Deal  

Girl and Boy were friends who agreed to exchange some of their possessions, Sweet with Marbles, respectively. 

As agreed, the girl gave all the sweets with her for Boy’s Marbles, but Boy kept some of his most beautiful Marbles and parted with others. He cheated Girl. 

At night, Boy couldn’t sleep because he had trouble trying to know if Girl had cheated him too. There was peace for Girl because she justly fulfilled her end of the bargain. 

With this, we must learn to be true friends. It’s worth it. ‘Peace of mind’ as they say, ‘is underrated’.

15. Best Friends 

Friendship Moral Stories in English 

Friendship is majorly about affection and care. Long ago, there lived one Raman and Tarun. Raman was the richest of the two because he’s from a wealthy home. Both grew and got busy with their lives, regardless. So they hardly had time for each other. 

One of those days, Tarun fell ill and Raman visited him just to drop some money for him. Tarun wasn’t happy about this rude act but he wasn’t going to tell it to Raman directly so he got well and paid the money back. Nothing changed. 

When Raman got ill on the other hand, Tarun visited him, left his work behind and took care of his friend until he was fine. By himself, Raman felt guilty and told Tarun how he had come to realize money isn’t everything.  

Disclaimer: These stories are not originally ours, nor were they exactly copied. They are inspired by English Stories

What do friendship moral stories teach us? 

Precisely, from some of the most interesting friendship moral stories in English, we have learnt to relate better with our friends. We have seen that there is more to friendship than material things, and some of the exact ideas of true friendship. 

Similarly, we have seen some of the hindrances stopping friendships from growing and they can serve as guides for us, in that we intentionally avoid them. 

If carefully read and understood, these stories should foster the camaraderie between you and the friend(s) you cherish. 

In Conclusion 

Your vantage point of the concept of friendship, it is hoped, would be improved by the stories compiled on our list. If you interpret them properly, you will see how friendship moral stories in English can be interesting and eye-opening at the same time. 

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