How does literature affect our society today? 

Literature affects our lives in a lot of ways because it is what we see (perhaps symbols), hear, and say— as in words. It’s part of the human society.

Unless we know how literature affects our lives individually, we may struggle to figure out how it affects our society today. But our aim in this piece may become unachievable if we settle for the expansion of the previous paragraph. 

Therefore we shall have a clear view of the topic in three words which I have called TIE, the acronym for:

  • Teaching Us 
  • Inspiring Us 
  • Entertaining Us 

Literature Teaches Us 

Literature can generally affect who we are as people since effective learning can change our brains. It begins from birth – learning is naturally part of us as human beings and we learn through literature. Meaning that in a sense, we have been exposed to a lot of things in printed and non-printed materials which contributed to our lives as human beings. 

One way to make you understand this better is by using the ongoing process as an example. You are currently reading this (written form of literature) because you want to learn. Whatever value this adds to you is an illustration of how literature affects our lives. 

Inspiring Us 

Literature also has the power of inspiring and motivating us to do certain things we ordinarily may not be able to do. 

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins are some examples of top inspirational literature that have evidently moved many to do the things they never thought they could attempt. 

The form of inspirational literature closer to social media freaks can be said to be the various motivational speeches available on YouTube. 

It should be realized that top inspirational speakers are bookworms who deliver their live experiences alongside books read to inspire people.  

Entertaining Us 

One natural remedy for coping with anxiety is to get entertained. 

Drama as a genre of literature has taken into consideration this aspect of life through comedy, melodrama, farce, and opera books and acted plays. 

In case you are studying this for an examination, you should be able to recollect the three points above once you remember TIE. Nonetheless, Reference must be duly cited. The idea of TIE could be said to be a modification of the site’s analysis of the given topic. 

How literature reflects society

Recall that literature is the mirror of life, according to Aristotle. Through literature, we can learn about the past, and present, and also get to know about other people’s predictions of the future of society. 

A quick breakdown of the points. You may not have an idea of what the society you reside in is unless you get an older or more experienced resident of the place to tell you about the past, which could be obtained from history and memoir books. This can likewise be obtained from a database. 

You can also get to know about the present time of your society by reading newspapers, magazines, or the autobiography of some residents. 

Politicians, religious leaders, and other influential people in any given place often predict what their societies will look like in the future if certain things are done or undone.

In view of this, we say through literature our eyes will be made opened to have a clearer picture of our immediate societies. And with it (literature) we will get to see beyond the ordinary person’s literary view of society which wouldn’t reflect anything significant. 

How does society affect literature? 

An oppressive rule in a state can affect everything including the residents’ levels of productivity, affecting their creativity. 

There is also something called faction or semi-fiction, but any literary work you come across will majorly move around either fiction or nonfiction.  

The nonfiction aspect of literature is what society basically affects. 

Just like literally saying what goes around comes around – the society got fed by what it has done in the nonfictional form of literary prose. 

Society owns the power to vest the media with the right (democracy) to publish news. Therefore society can limit what goes out to be literature by deciding not to make some facts known to the press. 

Moreso, we learn about other people’s ethnic groups through literature. Whatever is done there becomes what others (readers) are exposed to. 

Because of this, we shall say society affects literature and literature affects society; vice versa. 

Why is literature important in our society? 

does literature affect our society today

Some of the importance of literature in our society include: 

  1. The documentation of legal rules governing any given geographical entity

The written constitution is a written form of literature while the unwritten is an oral form of literature. 

Constitutions are then very important because where there is no law, there is no sin. Since the constitution consists of the rules guiding a given set of people, it cannot be more important to humanity! 

  1. History 

Literature is important to societies because those who keep records for their progenies are always ahead of others. 

Having the story of how it [the society] all began is essential so that when problems arise, the living can let the dead rest and trace things back to their initial states.  

  1. It also helps to understand human nature 

Ngozie Chimamanda said in a presentation at Harvard University that she has chosen to make literature her religion because it helps to study the totality of human beings.

The nature of mankind becomes clear to us through literature. 

How does literature affect our society today? 

When examining the impact of literature on our lives we made mention of points that are certainly affecting our society today, knowingly well that we are the society! Entertainment was the last point – let’s make it come first this time. 

  1. Some books have negative impacts on the society 

My mentor will often tell me to read good books. Those times I saw no difference in books, I thought all kinds of books were meant for any kind of person until I laid my hands upon a book…

What good has literature done to parents who avoided their children from watching p©rn and obliviously bought them such books instead? In all honesty, some books are not healthy for society.  

  1. Youths are not cultivating a good reading culture in the name of entertainment

Our youths now place a high priority on entertainment. Some of them entertain while others sit back to be entertained. This would have been nice if they do it in the written form (which would have ultimately improved their use of any given language and writing skills) but it is audio-visual. 

Unfortunately, the internet is not helping matters, some spend most of their 24hrs on watching videos online, daily. 

The number of younger ones who spend a reasonable amount of time on social media getting entertained by skit-makers has been increasing drastically causing a great setback in the reading culture, in our society today. 

[This should not be mistaken for the impact of technology or the internet. You may have to go through this section of the piece again]
  1. Welcoming words and not actions 

Let’s admit to ourselves that Nelson Mandela was not inspired or motivated to stay for up to 27 years in prison for his prison. He was simply disciplined. 

In today’s world, people just want to watch and read inspirational books that motivate them for some time and hardly seem practical. 

In lieu of this, people should work on themselves in practical ways, and build their determination to a high level based on their improvements amidst real-time challenges… Remember “Life can be studied backward but must be lived forward.” This calls us to learn from our mistakes – which will always make us a better version of our old selves. 

  1. Makes learning easier 

Literature in our society today is still friendly to as many of those who still want to learn. 

The number of writers across the globe which has increased reasonably over the years has made it possible for articles on different topics to be available on the internet. 

This is one positive way literature has affected our society so far. 

  1. Improving creativity 
does literature affect our society today

Good readers make good writers. But remember there are many other enticing aspects of literature that help people discover themselves. 

Literature helps us find and discover ourselves in a world like this. 

As a matter of fact, literature is often after creativity. Many students don’t know their levels of creativity are being improved when they are asked to write nonfictional stories in school. And the worst I see students do in this case is to copy and claim other people’s works. 

  1. To resolve societal conflicts 

Literature teaches us a lot including proper dialoguing and negotiation skills which are important in conflict resolutions. 

As a result of this, one-way literature has affected our society today by improving our skills in societal conflict resolution. 

  1. Instill a sense of fulfillment in us

Speaking from a personal point of view. As a writer, writing makes me feel fulfilled, and I believe that is the case with other writers and literature persons. 

Upon the completion of any literary work, people feel fulfilled, which fosters a sense of well-being. 

  1. Makes us great thinkers 

When we read we bring our eyes in contact with the written material and think along with the speaker. 

Good literature lovers do not only think along with the speakers when they read, they reflect on what has been read, study it, and may soon become great thinkers. 

  1. Helps us make the right choice

Literature tells us about places we have never been to, it also tells us about the dangers or things we have never attempted – so great an art!!!

Not everyone who tells you he or she does not want to be in a country because this and that is done in the country has stepped there before. I guess you agree with that. So do you ever care to know how that person got that mentality? 

Through literature, we can learn about places we have never been to before and thus decide before going whether or not they are safe places for us. 

I, for instance, promise myself never to step into some countries abroad having read about them – I don’t know if something similar has happened to you also, before. 

This has been something literature is known for right from time, but you should know it exists until now. 

  1. Uniting the universe
How does literature affect our society today?  
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One of the factors uniting the world is literature. You can get a book written anywhere in the world right in the comfort of your home. 

If a white man writes about his place and a black man does the same and both got a copy of each other’s works – it feels like communication has been initiated there. 


Literature has affected our society today in both positive and negative ways, but it is still the medium through which adjustments can be made where necessary. Literature has helped the world, no doubt! But as it stands (today) the various points on our list are the impacts of literature on our society. 

ATTENTION: The question asked is ‘how does literature affect our society today’ and not ‘how does literature affect our societies today.’ 

These are not two same questions – the first refers to the world, which is the only society we all share in common. Meanwhile, the second question would have been treated more special because it is not requiring an answer from a single view. 

Always ensure you understand questions before thinking of answers. 

If you have any contribution to the given topic, kindly make it known in the comment below. 

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