Synonyms of Horribly and Example Sentences 

Dreadfully, frightfully, terribly, grisly, horrifyingly, terrifyingly, and awfully are some of the over forty horribly synonyms we shall be considering herein. Let’s go head-on. 

How to Pronounce Horribly

Using the Amr accent: haw·ruh·blee

British: ho·ruh·blee

Pronunciation/Transcription: hˈɔrəbli

(The transcription above is expected to help you pronounce the word properly; where /ɔ/ is pronounced in a similar way to the o in or, and the /ə/ is pronounced as the le in able)

40 Horribly Synonyms

  1. Atrociously 
  2. Horrifically 
  3. Horrendously 
  4. Poorly 
  5. Appallingly 
  6. Rottenly 
  7. Shockingly 
  8. Badly 
  9. Dismally 
  10. Fearfully 
  11. Disturbingly 
  12. Alarmingly 
  13. Detestably 
  14. Tragically 
  15. Grisly 
  16. Very 
  17. Monstrously 
  18. Hideously 
  19. Miserably 
  20. Execrably 
  21. Intolerably
  22. Woefully 
  23. Unsatisfactorily 
  24. Grossly 
  25. Offensively 
  26. Egregiously 
  27. Wickedly 
  28. Reprehensibly 
  29. Abysmally 
  30. Incredibly 
  31. Naughtily 
  32. Colossally 
  33. Damnably
  34. Unbearably 
  35. Severely 
  36. Exceptionally 
  37. Fiercely 
  38. Tremendously 
  39. Archly 
  40. Unspeakably 

Some other synonyms for horribly include: 

Exceedingly, shoddily, intensely, vilely, meagerly, desperately, inferiorly, skimpily, greatly, flagrantly, excessively. 

What Does Horribly Mean? 

Horribly Synonyms and Example Sentences 
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The adverbial word horribly is in its simplest form referring to a horrible manner. This means it is impossible to grasp the concept of the word without first understanding its root; horrible, which it amplifies. 

It is possible to have horrible as both an adjective and a noun, where it means extremely bad and an object, a thing, event, or action that causes terror, respectively. 

You would notice that contrary to some of the synonymous words you saw on our list, the definitions of horrible here are only in the negative sense. You might have as well seen the word horribly used in a positive sense before now. 

The reason for this is basically because quite loosely, we could use horribly rhetorically and colloquially. In this case, you refer to horribly as an extreme extent or degree, as Wiktionary put it in its definition number 2 of the word

So an example sentence for this may be: “She is horribly wealthy, yet the man refuses to get engaged with her.” 

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The Origin of the Word 

Horribly is from the word Horrible, so we shall be examining the etymology of its root. 

Horrible has reportedly made its way from the Latin word horribilis, in dissection: horr (tremble) and ibilis (-ible) to old French horrible, sometimes orible or orrible, sometime in the year 1303. 

Aside from horribly, some other forms of the root word Horrible are horribility, horribleness, horribler, horriblest, and horribles.

Example Sentences  

With some of the following examples, you should be able to properly use horribly in the English language. 

  • I had every right to kick her out; she acted horribly whenever she was drunk. 
  • The experiment keeps going horribly wrong. 
  • I cannot stand being so horribly maltreated; I’d better struggle to survive on my own. 
  • She is not horribly slow. 
  • We can only imagine how horribly painful it would be. 

Horribly Antonyms 

Some opposite words we could use for horribly are: 

  • Pleasingly 
  • Nicely 
  • Acceptably 
  • Suitably 
  • Pleasurably 
  • Satisfactorily 
  • Decently 
  • Delightfully 
  • Rightly 
  • Pleasantly 
  • Gratifyingly 

Learn, finally, that the use of these synonymous or antonymous words depends majorly on context. Just as you must have learned, synonymous words are not necessarily exact words. In fact, they just aren’t. So, pay attention to how you use the words. 

By the way, terribly is likely the closest to horribly in scope, so it’s my best synonym for horribly

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