From the lighthouse by Dees Nuts

Dees Nuts


From the lighthouse
Eyes strain to cut the dark.
The heart stops for the first time.
Familiar to me but distant,
The dark embrace.
I know the truth now,
About everything,

My eyes don’t blink .
They burn with the exposure.
The body remains empty.
Wide open cavity remaining.
Blood bone muscle and skin,
Violent and calm I lay awake.
Dreams listen to me now.
The answer is obvious,
I am home.

The light approaches,
I align with desperate machinations.
The brutal cause is Unfamiliar to me.
The contract inked into flesh,
Betrays your Memory
The only one I can’t forget.
Into the potters arms,
into violent dead .
My ash drifts and spins around the heat of the fire.
Silence gave birth to terror.
Terror matures into pain.
Pain surrenders into insanity.

The other side cannot see you. so If you happen find yourself in the dream world look for the child carring a bag, see thru the eyes of the child and see into your Shadow. The Shadows hold all the secrets and only part with them dearly.

Dont get distracted by their whispers, They know you only as a reflection of the past. I reman their as a question wait patiently for its answer. Lighthouses in the shadows are beyond the limits of God.

They are uncounted, unweighed and unmeasured. Relics of the ancent ones who needed guidence thru the vastness of oblivion. The towers remain alive and dangerous. Ancient gears turning the spindle and lamp unrelenting in their singular purpose.

Illuminating the chains of our destiny. bringing to bear the unsettling desires of our deepest truths, blinding us all with darkness. We are compelled to suffer as much as we can as long as we can… searching in the flesh, for a love that doesn’t exist.

The light is here…


Dees Nuts’ From the Lighthouse is largely metaphoric, comparing the lighthouse to that which illuminates the previously unknowns in the life of a human..


From the Lighthouse
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