Complete English sentences without the letter a

Hello and welcome back. In today’s lesson, we would examine some English sentences that stand independently without the use of the letter “A”.

Getting something like this done on the internet is enough to show the good side of the social media. Even though many will argue that the social media is not helping young adults, I think it depends on us, individually.

People were challenged to write out 50 words that wouldn’t contain the letter “A”, in a recent post made by Abdulmajeed Abdulwasiu, a Nigerian writer, on a Facebook group.

Although, the post was too short to be clear, other writers put it upon themselves to act on it. Hence, making some good sentence (50 words and above) without the use of the said letter.

Let’s get started:

Aderemi G. Emmanuel happened to be the first commenter, going by instruction. His comment reads:

“I seek for help, but no one seem to be there for me! I tried to run, but they knew I would. So, one of three shot my legs. I could do nothing, but to keep crying. Ignore them, people will shout, they won’t stop criticizing you. Let them continue, only you know your condition.”

As if this was not enough, other writers came in with awesome sentences omitting the letter “A”.

Read a few other examples.

Some people are surprised that Complete English Sentences without the letter “A” can be possible

“knowing her blood courses through my veins hits my very core, how could such bitter soul be linked to me? Worse, my own blood. Deep within I know it is time, but still torn between love and a feeling I know little of. Oh, Benny you broke my bones to soul with this,” Bola Kadiville Yaya wrote.

Another outstanding writer, Pamela Elsinore Forte wrote: “During this exploit of words, you expect me to project sense with sensibility, form with function, in producing something with delight, to interest who will view the result, without using your chosen letter. Without doubt, I could not resist in my desire to prove my notion held: nothing is impossible.”

Layla Michelle Gatin, wrote: “I do not know how much when it comes to mice. I must try to find some mice to study. But wild mice might be difficult to find. This could possibly be very stressful for me. But, nevertheless, I will work intensely, without stopping, until I succeed. Wish me good luck.”

The poster himself, Abdulwasiu, made his own sentences too: “Going out with friends looks weird, despite I dislike being with them. They questioned my decision not to go out with them. In my defense, I got lost for words. Why? I don’t know either, but why should I worry if they don’t need me to be with them due to my not going out with them?

“Why would I do this for? There’s oodles of words with this letter in, so it will never be possible to do, even if I try. I guess I could give it some thought, but I think I would not succeed. Even if I give it some time, I don’t think it is possible.” – Mike Oakley

 “I don’t think something like it would occur right within my thought. I could only think of him, his eyes, his body, I know I shouldn’t be getting these thoughts I told myself. But what should restrict me? These thoughts of him, he is over my mind, clinging solidly.” – Nnedimma Davids

How to Make English Sentences Omitting the Letter “A”

It is quite simple to do. You don’t need to think for long, to compose some well-written sentences omitting the letter “hey” (it sounds thus when pronounced). We would get on our objective right now. I promise you would confidently write good sentences omitting given letters by the time you go through the tips below.

If you notice the sentences above, I omitted the said letter on purpose. This is to make you believe that it’s very possible to do, even though many would argue it. Two easy approaches to follow:

1.       Write out what you want to pass on, and edit afterwards: A common mistake made by some student participating in competitions like this, is forgetting/neglecting this rule.

This tip may not be for some people, I inclusive. However, you might as a beginner, need to have what you want to write without the letter, written before proceeding to taking away every “A” in it. The point is: having an idea of what you want to do. If you don’t already have it (in your head, or written on a book), you might write a sentence, but chances are they it would be meaningless.

2.ight now, you want to be conversant with your synonyms. You ought to be used to two or more words that mean the same thing. This would make your writing/editing processes faster than you think. For instance, replacing “Easy” with “Simple,” will save you from going out of point in the sentence creation processes.    

In conclusion, always study, practice, and believe in yourself. If done, you would soon find yourself doing this and greater things conveniently.   

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