Bounty of Silence by Prafulla Panda 

mind craves for silence

to fuel its emotion

that lies supine for days 

to get its desired motion

thought rears words in silence

for its deific release 

from the maze of pregnation

and without a caesarean section 

and a poet meditates on the rainbow 

and dips his words in the palette

and warps and woofs in silence 

until the tapestry of his poetry gets radiance.

© P. K. Panda, Odisha, India.

A Brief Analysis of the Poem

This short poem describes the bounty of silence which conduces creation. The process of creation is hastened by silence. Mind yearns for silence as it wants to support emotion which lies supine for days and when its laziness has checkmated it from action. In silence only the mind chooses appropriate words from the maze of thought for their divine release like that of a divine human child from his mother’s womb gets released without hindrance ‘from the maze of pregnation and without a caesarean section’.

Like a perfect craftsman, the poet meditates on the rainbow to imbibe the perfect colour from the array for his chosen words to reward his poetic frenzy. In other words, in silence only, the creative process is hastened and the poet is able to choose appropriate words for an easy release of his thought; then he can only dip them in myriad hues of the rainbow to decorate, design or weave and give a shining look to the tapestry of his poetry.

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About the Poet

Dr. Prafulla K. Panda, MA (English & Education), M. Phil, Ph. D (English) & B.Ed. is an Indian poet. A Lecturer by profession and a poet by passion, he has been ardently writing about love and human relation; about life and death; about nature and societal issues. 

Some of Panda’s poems have been published in various national and international anthologies, magazines and online, too. Some of his poems have been highly acclaimed and adjudged as the award winning pieces. He has, over time, edited an inter-continental anthology of poems, “Beyond the Horizon”.

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

It cannot be more true, as Dr Panda has made us see in this work, silence fuels the emotions of our minds. 

Bounty of silence is a masterpiece, one that discusses the largely unnoticed bale of being a poet. It seems to make us feel the struggles of the poet while trying to put words together for any composition. This is usually the case with most poets. 

The process is natural or say— comes extemporaneously, you don’t have to force it, making poetry making something deific indeed. 

Poets, unlike other kinds of writers, do not have to make a poem for hours, days, or even years (not even when there’s poetic licence!). He waits for inspiration often in quiet places and pour out the words tranquillity brings to him. 

And in case you ever pondered over it, this is one reason poems are often open-ended.

— Prof AGE

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